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Environmental Stewardship Award Winners 2011

NEWTOWN, CT, U.S.A., September 26, 2011: The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) was pleased to announce the recipients of the Plastics Environmental Division’s Environmental Stewardship Awards.  Presentations took place on October 18 during SPE’s Global Plastics Environmental Conference (GPEC® 2011) in Atlanta.  

Reflecting the conference theme “Plastics Recycling and Sustainability on my Mind,” the awards recognized companies and institutions that have demonstrated environmental leadership and excellence through significant achievements in a variety of categories.  

The recipients of the 2011 GPEC Awards are listed below. More details are available in the document accompanying this news release. 

  • Lehigh Technologies (Tucker, GA): Chairman’s Award for a process for large-volume production of micronized powders from discarded tires that would otherwise be landfilled. The resulting powders can be used at high concentrations in plastics and new-tire manufacture. 
  • Sika Sarnafil (Canton, MA): “Plastic Recycling Technologies and Applications” Award for recycling old vinyl single-ply roofing back into useful roofing membrane.
  • BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)  (Franklin Lakes, NJ): “Enabling Technologies in Processes and Procedures” Award for a recycling program that recovers plastics from medical devices and puts them to use in non-medical applications.  
  • Futuris Automotive Interiors (Troy, MI): “Emerging Technologies in Materials, Processing, and Applications” Award for developing a moldable, tufted PET carpet that is made with significant post-consumer PET content.  
  • Axion International (New Providence, NJ): “Significant Innovations in Environmental and Recycling Areas Using Conventional Plastics.” Award for developing high- performance composites from recovered polyolefins and applying them as structural parts that can be used as components for bridges, railroad ties, and other structures that meet military specifications. 
  • IAC Group (Luxembourg / Southfield, MI): Daniel Eberhardt Environmental Stewardship Award for making extensive use of recycled plastics in producing automotive interior components; reducing energy consumption through manufacturing efficiencies; and achieving large reductions in waste going to landfills.